One of the gifts of getting older is that you can start to recognize patterns when you see them.

A recurring pattern—or truth—for me, is that every one of the very best things in my life have come from a leap of faith.


The biggest rewards. The greatest adventures. All from a leap of faith.


Love is a leap of faith. Having children is a tremendous leap of faith. And then once you have them, living the rest of your life with your heart walking around outside your body, you get to flex those muscles and make small leaps daily.

I think what helped me finally say “yes” to Dove’s dream of being an actor, and start this amazing adventure, was recognizing that my life had shown me that taking risks with faith had consistently brought me my most cherished experiences.

Have all my leaps of faith panned out? Of course not.

But playing small has also never served up any delicious results for me.

I try to live my life in a way that is consistent with my truth, and so I took a big breath one day after she’d lobbied me yet again to get serious about supporting her dream of being an actor, and I said YES.


“YES” is a great word. “Yes” opens up the floodgates of possibility.


A whole cascade of actions followed, some of which you’ve read about in recent emails if you’re on my list (including some serious mistakes and near-mistakes) and of course, some extraordinary, joyful events and successes have happened too.


At this point the joys and successes are too many to list but here are some highlights:

  • Getting her own show, Liv and Maddie, which ran for 4 seasons and earned her an Emmy Award
  • Starring in the beloved global Descendants franchise, and getting to see the world during its promotion
  • Originating Cher in Clueless the Musical Off Broadway
  • Playing Clara alongside Renee Fleming in Light in the Piazza in London and Los Angeles
  • Signing with Columbia/Sony/Disruptor Records and recording her own music

Along the way, she has made lifelong friends, some of whom were formerly her heroes. She’s grown as an artist and as a human. And honestly, it’s the growth and the happiness that I’m here for. The success is gratifying but at the end of the day, it’s the joy that fills your heart that matters.


Where would a leap of faith make a difference for you?


What might it feel like to be able to really know what to do to support your child’s dream to be an actor?

I encourage you to take a leap and say YES to whichever of my Help for Young Actors courses is right for you.

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See you in the videos!




PS—Unlike most leaps of faith that life offers, you can’t go wrong taking a chance on my courses.

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If you want to hear about Dove’s journey in her own words, listen in to this podcast interview we did together!