Thank you, Bonnie, for helping me parent my daughter through the craft that she loves!

The books and podcasts have been so helpful! Bonnie’s whole person/whole family approach to acting and parenting of young actors is refreshing and valuable; whether you or your kid desires to act as a career or recreationally. Bonnie gives auditioning tips and firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of the acting business.  But she also helps you have perspective (as an actor or the parent of one), provides education on navigating the business, on protecting yourself/your family while doing so, how to parent yourself and/or your kid through the inevitable rejection actors face. I have been so impressed! Thanks again Bonnie! Keep up the great work!

-Lori F., Falls Church VA


My consultation with Bonnie about my son’s acting career was absolutely invaluable.

I only wish I had spoken with her at the beginning of our journey! Her insight and deep knowledge of the inter-workings of the industry, her years of hands-on experience as a parent of a child actor – and her willingness to share with the rest of us is just unparalleled. Talking to someone who has had the same experiences and made it to the other side successfully was encouraging, relieving and incredibly helpful. Her plethora of blogs and podcasts are truly a required reading for all parents of child actors – aspiring or already on their path. Bonnie is by far the Number One best resource I have found in this area!

-Eva, New York


Bonnie is without a doubt one of the foremost experts on Child Actors in Hollywood.

Her wisdom and empathy are central to how she guides parents along a path she has already forged with great success, and can help bypass any pitfalls through her experience. Bonnie does not hold back when it comes to sharing information with parents and is an invaluable resource to those just starting out and those who need help road-mapping.

-Stream L., Beverly Hills CA


My Skype consultation with Bonnie was simply amazing, very helpful and valuable.

I felt like if I was talking with a friend who really care about the future of my daughter. She is certainly an inspiration and a mentor. I would highly recommend her service to anyone who has an aspiring actor/actress. She will take you to the right route for success. I simply love her!

-Andrea M.


I’ve been telling everyone how helpful you were in ONE HOUR…

Answering more of my questions than anyone has in the past year. Thank you so much for your insight and advice. You are like an angel for a mom with a kid that loves to act.

-L.P. Orange County


Bonnie has an incredible heart for young actors and their families.

She is a trustworthy source and wealth of information in an often-complicated industry.  I highly recommend her consultation sessions and her online course.  She has taught parent workshops at my studio, and parents leave feeling well-equipped with honest information about how to help their child pursue the entertainment industry in a safe, effective, and fun way.

-Brooke B, Escondido CA


Bonnie is very knowledgeable and is so easy to talk to.

She helped guide us with our daughters acting career.  And answered all of our questions.  She is delightful and has a wealth of information.  We highly recommend her!

-LJ B., Syracuse, NY


Bonnie is an angel from above!

My 7th grade daughter always wanted to get into acting, but I had zero idea how to make that happen in Atlanta, GA. Thankfully, Bonnie did a workshop in Atlanta with Catapult and I took notes furiously and bought her book. After my daughter and I both read it cover to cover, we went to work. Within a year my daughter had an agent and booked her first job on a TBS show. She now has an LA agent and manager and is thriving in her career! All thanks to Bonnie’s generous sharing of such needed guidance. Without her, I’m sure we would have been scammed and sent down rabbit holes with all the bad organizations out there. Thank you, Bonnie!

-Ginny S., San Diego CA


Having worked with Bonnie as a guest speaker at our school, I can tell you she is incredible at what she does and SUPER knowledgeable.

My favorite part about her is that she takes the time to address and understand what your dreams are so that you can always return to the root cause of why you started this incredible journey in the first place. And if you don’t know, she’ll help you uncover that too. Then with personalized advice and action steps, she helps you get where you want to go, all while reminding you of who you are. And if who you are is a parent of a young actor, she helps you navigate the path of supporting them, all while nurturing who you are so you can show up to be the best parent to your child. Let Bonnie help you see the big picture, and enjoy a healthier and happier journey because of it!

-Aidan R., Los Angeles CA


Bonnie Wallace is an incredible teacher when it comes to knowing what to do, where to go, who to talk to, and tons of experience in the acting industry.

She has written a few books as well that are extremely informative about this business.  She also puts out podcasts with incredible role models for you to listen to.  She is an incredible speaker so if you ever see she is in your town or even if you do a Skype session with her you will notice the way she answers your questions to a T.  I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you can find her. Bonnie is a first class lady with tons of information that for anyone going into this business needs to know.

-Dustee G., Houston TX


Bonnie is a gem of wisdom for parents of child actors.

Her blog is full of valuable advice and her book, “The Hollywood Parents Guide” is a must-read for all parents of child actors. I would go further to say that one should not enter this world of acting with your child unless you have read her book and every blog post. She has a passion for parents of children in the acting world and hands-on experience to share. Her daughter, Dove Cameron, has been one of the busiest actors in the business, starting out at a young age. Bonnie’s interviews with industry professionals are fun, full and inspiring. The wisdom she shares will definitely catapult your understanding of this business.

-Vicki K., Powder Springs, GA


Bonnie is one of those rare authentic people who pulls back the curtain and shows exactly what is required to succeed in this business.

She comes from experience and a genuine love of helping people achieve their goals.  Her insight is unparalleled, and you’ll avoid years of struggle and mistakes because she’s already been there and can tell you how it works.  She’s honest, giving, articulate, straightforward, trustworthy, authentic and reliable. You’ll find no better mentor than Bonnie for the long haul!

-Richard H., Encino CA


I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful resource!

When I considered getting into the business as a creative outlet for my extremely bright and fearless 4-year-old daughter I started by doing my homework. Your book was priceless and the only real comprehensive guide out there to help navigate this business for parents of child actors.

We were extremely lucky in that Bella got a great manager right off the bat, and in her third audition (all for TV and all in just one week) landed the recurring role of 5-year-old Kate on This is Us! It was a little dizzying, but I grew up here in LA with lots of family in the industry so maybe not so mind blowing as a total outsider, but still WOW!  I went right back and reread parts of your book again to help keep me grounded.

Anyway, we are meeting with some folks at Abrams in a couple of weeks, and when I went to research them, lo and behold there you were again with the podcast with Pamela Fisher!  Such a great interview and I feel like I already know and like her which will make going into the room with three VPs at one of the top agencies a tiny bit less intimidating.

-Isabella’s Mom


Bonnie was so helpful and encouraging about my acting journey.

She calmed all my worries about what to do next and truly gave me everything I needed for this next step. If you’re looking for real advice from a successful woman in this artistic field, I highly recommend speaking with her! Thank you so much, Bonnie!

-Cameron B., Broken Arrow, OK


I had an excellent consultation with Bonnie.

Bonnie is genuinely caring and very knowledgeable. She is the one to go to whenever you feel like you are stuck and it’s not working, whenever you have doubts about your child’s career in entertainment. Highly recommend to book a consultation with Bonnie and to buy her book.”



We loved our consultation with Bonnie regarding our daughter’s prospective future in this business.

As the mother of an actress, Bonnie gave us real insight into getting started in the acting business, and also provided a wealth of knowledge about what we should be doing/considering.  We also enjoyed listening to the podcast and hearing from some of the agents & actors providing their perspectives on the business. We would recommend having multiple consultation sessions with Bonnie.

-Jeff & Amera Hjelte


Investing in Bonnie’s 1 hour consultation saved me so much time and energy.

Being new to the industry we didn’t know where to start and her advice and direction helped us on a path that has been very rewarding. I highly recommend reading her book and if you have more detailed questions book a consultation, her knowledge of the entertainment industry is well worth the investment!

-H.V., Pasadena


Hearing advice from someone who’s been through the LA hoops is just so much more impactful.

I feel so much more educated and confident moving forward with my choices. My daughter was beaming when the call ended. Now I know why Dove has navigated Hollywood so perfectly & handled her success so beautifully!

Now I know exactly where to send people when they ask me how to get their child started in acting or what it’s like to go to LA. There are also so many moms like me who need a push to get to the next level.

I truly value this service that you offer. I am a true believer in learning from those that have come before you and adapting it to fit your life. You come from a beautiful non-judgmental place and made the whole experience feel as though I was talking to a friend that has experienced all of this before and wants to see nothing but the best for my girl.



Bonnie’s 1-1/2 hour class for parents of child actors is well worth attending!

Although I’ve been actively managing my granddaughter’s young acting career for 2 years, I still learned quite a bit.  Highly recommended.

-Ron M., Birmingham AL


Bonnie’s amazing Podcast has helped me a lot as a young actor’s parent.

She is just so thorough and honest. I also had a Skype consultation with her when I was just starting out and it was so valuable. I have not missed a podcast ever since and I’m a big fan. Mainly because I can see how much she wants to help from the bottom of her heart. She is totally looking out for us as parents and our kids as young actors. Thanks so much for your work. No one is doing what you’re doing, and you are definitely improving lives and shifting careers for the better.

-Tereza H., NY NY


It was a daunting task for our family of to 8 move across the country to California,

for our eldest daughter to pursue her gift in music and acting. I was grateful to discover Bonnie Wallace. She has been fantastic in helping us prepare, make the adjustment, and be ready for such a big change.  It’s wonderful having Bonnie as a resource, because she really understands from personal experience the journey we are on.

-D.O., Salt Lake City


My daughter’s passion for acting has made us explore this brand new world that seems as strange and daunting as Oz.

I wanted to make sure that we take a thoughtful approach and wanted to work with someone who would guide us and partner with us.  Bonnie was wonderful in helping us to see that world in manageable pieces and still keep the big picture in mind.  She listened and provided strategic as well as very specific suggestions that will help me to fine tune our plan.  She was also very generous in sharing her own experience and I got the feeling that she genuinely cared.  I found Bonnie to be warm, generous, thoughtful, and 100% professional.  All the traits of someone you want on your team!

-L.G., San Francisco


My phone consultation with Bonnie Wallace proved insightful and inspirational.

Not only did she carefully listen to my questions, but offered sound advice and honest feedback.  Breaking into the Hollywood scene can be a daunting task, but Bonnie simplified the process.  She was genuine and nonjudgmental, a refreshing quality in this otherwise intimidating business.  I would highly recommend using Bonnie’s consulting services and plan to do so again in the near future.

-L.M., Philadelphia