Hometown to Hollywood with Bonnie J. Wallace

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Get access to the entire collection of 132 inspiring and educational episodes designed to help you succeed in the entertainment industry.

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Hi! I’m Bonnie, founder of Hometown to Hollywood, helping young actors build safe, successful careers.

I help parents of young actors, and young adult actors transform frustration and confusion into knowledge and confidence, so they can build an acting career safely and successfully.

As of December 2022 I no longer offer private consultations, however I have created many resources to guide you: the podcast, my three books, and hundreds of blog posts. Using these resources will make a huge difference in your odds of success!

My intention is to educate and inspire so you can have your very best chance for success.

I’ve written three books, Top Hollywood Acting Teachers, Young Hollywood Actors, and The Hollywood Parents Guide, and also produce a regular podcast, Hometown to Hollywood, which you can subscribe to here.


Absolutely invaluable… just unparalleled.

“My consultation with Bonnie about my son’s acting career was absolutely invaluable. I only wish I had spoken with her at the beginning of our journey! Her insight and deep knowledge of the inter-workings of the industry, her years of hands-on experience as a parent of a child actor, and her willingness to share with the rest of us is just unparalleled. Talking to someone who has made it to the other side successfully was encouraging and incredibly helpful. She is by far the Number One best resource I have found!”

Eva, New York

“Well worth the investment”

“Investing in Bonnie’s consultation saved me so much time and energy. Being new to the industry we didn’t know where to start and her advice and direction helped us on a path that has been very rewarding. Her knowledge of the entertainment industry is well worth the investment!”

— H.V.

Pasadena, CA

“Insightful and inspirational”

“My consultation with Bonnie proved insightful and inspirational. Not only did she carefully listen to my questions, but offered sound advice and honest feedback. Breaking into the Hollywood scene can be a daunting task, but Bonnie simplified the process. She was genuine and nonjudgmental. I would highly recommend using Bonnie’s consulting services.”

— L.M.

Philadelphia, PA

“Simply amazing”

“My Skype consultation with Bonnie was simply amazing, very helpful and valuable. I felt like I was talking with a friend who really cares about the future of my daughter. She is certainly an inspiration and a mentor. I would highly recommend her service to anyone who has an aspiring actor/actress.”

— Andrea M.

Boca Raton, FL

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Please Note:

While I am gratified that my work has contributed to the success of many young actors, either through guiding their parents or by guiding young adult actors directly, I do not agent, manage, commission, procure, or attempt to procure work for actors. In keeping with California state codes, Bonnie J. Wallace and Hometown to Hollywood Inc. conducts entirely optional consultations, workshops, and online classes with solely educational intent.

These consultations, workshops, or online courses are not job interviews or auditions, and they are neither a promise nor a guarantee of employment or auditions. Consultations, workshops, and online courses are not auditions for employment or for obtaining a talent agency or manager. CA Labor code 1703.1 (b)

CA State Talent Service (Krekorian) Bond #64836379, Hometown to Hollywood LLC

Child Performer Services Permit CPS-LR-1000530399, Bonnie Jeanne Wallace