Toni Long, Entertainment Lawyer
Do you ever wonder what an entertainment lawyer would tell you if you could sit down and talk? What advice they might give you? If so—you are in for a treat, because today’s podcast features Los Angeles Entertainment Attorney Toni Long.

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If you or someone you love is getting into professional performing of any sort, you would do well to take advantage of this free hour with Toni. We discuss some of the biggest mistakes actors make with lawyers, when to reach out to one, what an entertainment lawyer can do for an actor, and much more.Toni’s advice is useful for actors of any age, as well as parents of young actors. Join us!

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “You should never sign a management contract without having an attorney review it.”
  • “Do not put your personal address on documents that are filed.”
  • “When you set up your loan-out corporation, it should be an S-Corp.”
  • “Trying to have a personal injury attorney work as your entertainment attorney would be like going to the dentist for a lobotomy.”
  • “There are a lot of things that are very specific to the entertainment industry that other attorneys don’t know.”
  • “I need to know who you are as a person. It helps me know how I’m going to negotiate for you.”
  • “Labor and employment laws are different in every state, and California is VERY different.”
  • “If the contracts says it’s going to be covered by CA law, have a CA lawyer look at it.”
  • “Your integrity should never be for sale.”
  • “Sometimes the best advice for parents is to get out of your own way.”

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Talking with an entertainment lawyer like Toni is a great reminder of all things that we don’t know that we don’t know, and how consequential those things can be. If you’d like to save some time and money getting over the learning curve of the entertainment industry and how it actually works so you can be better positioned for success (or so your young actor can be), book a consultation with me online or in person. A single session can make all the difference.