Scott Sedita, Acting Teacher

My guest on today’s podcast episode is renowned Los Angeles acting teacher Scott Sedita, founder of the Scott Sedita Acting Studios.

A former talent agent and casting director, Scott is the author of two books, Scott Sedita’s Guide to Making It in Hollywood: Three Steps to Success, Three Steps to Failure, and The Eight Characters of Comedy. He’s also the creator of the Scott Sedita Actor’s Audition App. Actors who have studied with Scott include Cameron Monaghan, Holly Taylor, Ross Butler, Haley Bennett, Chace Crawford, Josh Duhamel, Charles Melton, and Brandon Routh.

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Scott shares a wealth of insight and information gathered over decades in the business. We discuss the keys to success for actors, what leads to failure, audition tips, self-tape tips, career advice, and much more.


Here are some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “This year there’s going to be a lot of comedy, especially multi-cam comedy, thanks to Chuck Lorre.”
  • “Keep it real, keep it honest, and if it’s comedy, find the funny.”
  • “It’s hard for an actor to delve deep into the trenches of drama, and then the next week do a multicamera comedy.”
  • “We have 53 people who are series regulars.”
  • “The acting has to be real, authentic, camera-ready, and you have to know sight lines.”
  • “Commercials make you understand what look you have, and what essence you’re bringing forth.”
  • “What do I want from the other character? Understanding that is the spine of any audition.”
  • The obstacle for an actor is fear. Once fear sets in, you’re on the road to self-sabotage.”
  • “Actors are going to need to self produce. Self taping is self producing.”
  • “If you believe in yourself, and find ways to work at it, it will happen.”


Find Scott Sedita HERE:


Twitter: @ScottSedita

Instagram: @SeditaStudios

Facebook: @Scott.Sedita


Buy Scott’s Books HERE:

Scott Sedita’s Guide to Making it in Hollywood

Eight Characters of Comedy


As our conversation makes clear, the industry is in constant change.

In some ways, there has never been a better time to be an actor: there is more content than ever, so there are more opportunities than ever. But because of this, it’s harder than ever to stand out!

If you need some help navigating the territory for yourself or for your young actor, book a consultation with me, either online or in person in LA. In just 60 or 90 minutes, we can save you months or years of wasted time, and give you peace of mind, as well as a personal action plan.