Today my guest on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Kevin Mock. Kevin is a director, producer, and editor, best known for his work on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, America’s Next Top Model, LA Heat, The Flash, and Chuck.

Because Kevin’s experience is so wide-ranging, this is a wide-ranging conversation! It will be interesting to anyone interested in directing, producing, or editing, as well as anyone interested on how the entertainment industry really works. I learned a lot myself!


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

• I like directors that trust me. They don’t tell me how to edit, but tell me what they need.
• The best way to direct sometimes is not to say, “I need this lens and the camera at this spot,” but to say, “I need it to feel this way,” and let the DP choose some of those specifics.
• When you edit a reality show, the choices you’re making are macro. It’s about whose story you’re following and how it begins and how it ends. In a scripted show, that’s all already there.
• I used to watch movies and go through frame by frame and see how they did things. And that’s easier to do now than ever.
• If you really want a career in editing, you have to move to move to Los Angeles.
• This business is 100% about relationships. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a job without knowing someone.
• Directing is showing up in the morning and realizing the catering truck is parked in your shot.
• You try to put yourself in the right position and you hope you get lucky.
• Actors should all have their passports ready.

If you’re interested in editing, the book Kevin recommended is In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch.

Look for Kevin’s current project, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which is currently on the CW.

Follow Kevin Mock HERE:

Twitter: @kevmock
Instagram: @kevmock


Kevin’s story illustrates some of the ways that a passionate, creative and talented person can get started in the industry. Everyone’s path is different, as we learn as we go. Still, the more you can learn about how this industry really works, the higher your odds of success, because you will invest your time and money into directions that are more likely to help you, and less likely to waste those resources… or even worse, actually hurt you and your chances of success.

If you feel stuck or could use some guidance on how to best succeed as an actor… or want to help your kid increase their odds of success, book a consultation with me, either in person in LA or online. A single session can make all the difference.