Judy Kain, Keep it Real Acting Studios

My guest on this episode of the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Los Angeles acting teacher, Judy Kain, founder of the award-winning Keep it Real Acting Studios.

Judy Kain is also the author of I Booked It!, host of the podcast, Hollywood Game Changers, and an actress with over 400 commercial credits, and over 110 film & TV credits.

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We cover a range of important subjects for aspiring actors, and focus especially on the commercial end of the field. Judy shares her wisdom on auditions, self-tapes, mindset, training, and much more.


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:


  • “I feel that commercials are a little mini movie.”
  • “Commercials are directed by film directors—almost 90%.”
  • “The trap with an actor is they think the more they do, the better it will be. That’s not the case.”
  • “Less is more. Keep it real.”
  • “Incorporate that camera into the scene. Make it part of your fourth wall.”
  • “You can do commercials ‘til you’re 99 years old.”
  • “There is work everywhere.”
  • “It’s the Catch-22 of being an actor; it’s an art form, but you can’t really practice it by yourself. You need other people.”
  • “You can go to the gym by yourself, but you can’t act by yourself.”
  • “If you really want to make it as an actor—whatever ‘make it’ means to you—you will find a way.”


Find Judy Kain and Keep it Real Acting Studios HERE:

Website: http://www.keepitrealacting.com/

Twitter: @keepitrealactin

Instagram: @keepitrealacting

Facebook: @keepitrealacting


Find Judy Kain’s podcast and book HERE:

Podcast: Hollywood Game Changers

Book: I Booked It! The Commercial Actor’s Handbook


There are so many surprises on the journey toward becoming a professional actor. So many aspects of the industry that make no sense from the outside… but make total sense from the inside!

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