Today my guest on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Fatmata Kamara. Fatmata is a theatrical talent agent at Creative Artists Agency, or CAA, one of the biggest agencies in Los Angeles. Her clients include Gabrielle Union, Ksenia Solo, Anna Diop, Matt McGorry, and Winston Duke, among others.

We discuss when actors should come out to LA, how to get the attention of an agent in Hollywood, whether to pursue a youth agent or an adult agent if you land in LA after college, and much, much more. As a former youth agent with Abrams and a current adult agent with CAA, Fatmata has some incredible insight into the industry.

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Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “The biggest compliment I can get is, ‘You don’t feel like an agent!’”
  • “As cheesy as it sounds, we’re making people’s dreams come true.”
  • “One of the best parts of the job is truly growing with every client.”
  • “Relationships are the basis for everything we do.”
  • “I do believe when you do the work, and surround yourself with the right people… good things come.”
  • “There are so many paths to your destination! Some might even take a detour.”
  • “It can happen; it will happen; just take your time and make smart decisions.”
  • “I can get you in the room, but you’re the one that books the job.”
  • “TV doesn’t really have seasons anymore… there’s so much more opportunity now.”
  • “Do your research and really know who you’re meeting with, what they’ve done, their reputation, and who their clients are.”
  • “We’re all just figuring it out, and I think everyone’s path is going to be different so just make it your own.”


Follow Fatmata Kamara here:

Instagram: @fatmata81

Twitter: @fatmata81


Fatmata’s care for her clients is evident in everything she says and does, which is part of what makes her a great agent.

Hollywood may seem impossible to break into, but it’s made up of real people, and is definitely accessible. If you’re trying to figure out how to navigate an acting career for yourself or your kid, book a consultation session with me, either online or in person in LA. One session can save you months or years or time, and thousands of dollars going in the wrong direction