Today my guest on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Jordan Fisher: actor, singer, dancer, and all-around creative talent.

Jordan Fisher


Jordan Fisher’s resume is very long for someone who’s still just in his mid-twenties, but he is best known for Moana, Grease Live, RENT Live, Liv and Maddie, To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You, Until Dawn, Teen Beach Movie, Teen Beach 2, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Jordan was crowned the Season 25 winner of “Dancing with the Stars” alongside dance partner Lindsay Arnold, and played the role of Evan Hanson in Dear Evan Hanson on Broadway, as well as the roles of John Laurens/Philip Hamilton in the Broadway production of Hamilton. His voiceover credits include Sea Hawk in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. He plays six instruments: piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, French horn and drums.

Our conversation is wide-ranging and inspiring, covering how Jordan’s journey began and going into audition advice, staying sane through challenging times, and much more.

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Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:


  • “I had no clue that walking into drama club in 5th grade would lead to producing films.”
  • “My ultimate goal is dictation of time.”
  • “My biggest piece of advice for anybody that’s trying to get into the industry is to recognize why. Figure out your why.”
  • “I still train.”
  • “Auditioning is a part of the work. The reward is the actual job itself.”
  • “The work is being in class, the work is watching film and television, the work is having people to read scenes with.”
  • “Documentaries have been one of the most important… I’m going to call it a Rosetta Stone for me.”
  • “We are professional observers. You have to watch other actors do their thing.”
  • “Auditioning is its own art form.”
  • “If you use your platform and it is led with love, and with truth, you’re doing what you’re supposed to do.”
  • “There will be naysayers. At the same time there will be people who believe in you.”
  • “There’s room and space for you here. There’s more and more opportunity for actors every year.”


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Jordan’s story demonstrates the critical element of persistence in success for an artist. But if you are persisting in going the wrong direction, no amount of time will help you achieve your dreams. If you could use some advice and experience to help guide you– whether you’re the parent of a young actor, or a young adult actor– book a consultation with me. In just 60 or 90 minutes, you can get some clarity, and a detailed action plan.