Dove Cameron as Mal in Descendants 2 Dove Cameron as Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray Live

This week’s guest on Hometown to Hollywood is actress and singer Dove Cameron. Dove is best known for playing the title roles in Disney’s Liv and Maddie, Mal in Disney Descendants and Descendants 2, as well as lead roles in Barely Lethal, Cloud 9, Monsterville Cabinet of Souls, and guest star appearances on The Mentalist, Shameless, Malibu Country, and Austin & Ally. She plays Amber Von Tussle in the upcoming Hairspray Live in December. [Author’s note: Dove went on to win an Emmy for her portrayal of the title characters on Liv and Maddie].

Dove is also my daughter!



Listen in as Dove shares in perhaps her longest and most intimate interview to date:

Approach to a character
Audition advice

Dove Cameron’s advice for young people who want to be in entertainment:

  • On training: “Anybody can, and should, take voice lessons.”
  • On acting: “The practice of getting into the mind of someone who’s not you… it makes you much more empathetic, and sympathetic, and thoughtful.”
  • Some of my favorite quotes:
  • “My biggest measure of success: when I walk away from a project and people speak well of me, and want to work with me again.”
  • “I wanted the normalcy… but it didn’t fit in with the other life that I wanted more.”
  • “There are so many kids out there that are special and different and they get left out, and they get bullied, and they become the most incredible adults… I just want you to know… it’s going to be OK.”
  • “Stay close to your family, know who your friends are, and trust your gut.”
  • “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”


You can find Dove Cameron here (all accounts are verified):

Twitter: @DoveCameron

Instagram: @DoveCameron

Facebook: @OfficialDoveCameron


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