My guest on this episode of the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Abby Johnson. Abby is a Talent Manager with Green Room Management in Los Angeles.

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We discuss how talent managers work, what they do and don’t do for their clients, the difference between agents and managers, what makes for a great manager, advice for actors trying to get a manager and advice for how to best work with your manager once you have one, and MUCH more. This is a candid and wonderful conversation for anyone interested in having a manager, now or in the future. And yes– Abby reps both kids and adults. Join us!

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

• “I don’t want to work with someone 1 or 2 years… I want to work with them their entire career.”
• “Getting a manager or an agent is just the beginning.”
• “What are you bringing to the table that’s different?”
• “I’m on your team. If you’re on my roster, I believe in you 100%.”
• “We’re just as excited when you book the pilot, or when the offer comes through, as you are.”
• “When you have the agent, the manager, and the lawyer on the phone, you know good news is coming.”
• “Being realistic about the time commitment and the financial commitment (with acting) is really important.”
• “Let the manager manage.”
• “Be positive and realistic.”
• “Trusting that the right opportunities will eventually come will lead to a happier life.”

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Instagram: @abbymariej
FaceBook : The Green Room Management

There is so much to learn about this business, and the more you understand, the better your chances of success. Talent is a necessary component, but after that, what often separates the ones who make it from the ones who don’t is an understanding of the terrain. If you could use some help navigating this journey, book a consultation with me, either online or in person in Los Angeles. A single session can give you peace of mind and an action plan, as well as save you thousands of dollars and months or years of time.