Parents sometimes ask me if acting classes are worth the time and money they require. To me, investing in acting classes is one of the best investments any parent can make: acting training pays dividends over the entire course of a person’s life, no matter where their path may lead.

Acting training is not just for actors, or people who think they might want a career in acting! Acting classes can benefit EVERYONE.

Here is a list of 36 benefits that kids and teens can get from taking acting lessons, followed by a link to a cool infographic I created. You are welcome, and encouraged, to download and share far and wide. My only request is that if you share or use it, you link back to my site, , with credit. Thanks!


36 Benefits of Taking Acting Classes, Even If You Never Become a Professional Actor

Acting Supports Success in School:

  1. Reading skills: Reading scripts and practicing lines can greatly increase reading ability, which is critical in an information economy.
  1. Listening skills: Good acting requires active listening, which is the key to learning and great relationships.
  1. Improved memorization: Memorization actually improves with practice, as any actor can tell you. Memorizing lines is great practice for exam prep.
  1. Focus: The concentration required for acting helps to develop an ability to focus.

Acting Supports Success in the Workplace:

  1. Teamwork: Acting may be even better training for teamwork than sports. It requires cooperation on physical, emotional, and intellectual levels.
  1. Presentation skills: The ability to easily and confidently present ideas, whether in an elevator or a meeting, can lead to incredible rewards.
  1. Professionalism: Showing up on time, preparing, and keeping a good attitude are part of the foundation of acting class—and a professional life.
  1. Work ethic: Acting requires a stellar work ethic. You simply cannot let down your fellow cast-mates.
  1. Flexibility: Improv and theatre games teach flexible thinking, which can help you break outside of conventional solutions to challenging problems.
  1. Self-discipline: Kids and teens engaged in theatre have to manage their other commitments as well, which develops a high level of self-discipline that can serve them for life.
  1. Objectivity: Through watching other actors, and learning to critique their performances, you can become more objective about your own work.
  1. Ability to work under pressure: There’s nothing like performing in front of an audience under adverse circumstances to teach you that you can rise to the occasion when you must.

Acting Supports Improved Communication:

  1. Speech: Acting promotes more articulate speaking with better enunciation.
  1. Improved body language: Being conscious of what your posture and physical demeanor are saying helps you be more aware of the message you send.
  1. Public speaking: Studies show that more people would rather die than speak publicly; if you can speak in front of a crowd, you can succeed where others are stopped.
  1. Communication skills: An ability to communicate is essential for success in both personal and professional life, and acting training hones these skills.
  1. Appreciation for rehearsing: The benefits of rehearsing something before presenting it become obvious.
  1. “Yes, and…” This building block of Improv increases listening skills, staying present, and the ability to adapt. It’s a brilliant life skill.

Acting Supports a Happier Social Life:

  1. Confidence: Confidence is one of the biggest keys to success in life, and acting class is one of the most effective ways to boost confidence.
  1. Friendship: Lifelong friends are made in acting classes; the theatre is a safe space for all different types of people.
  1. Improved social skills: Even if you’re shy, you can learn to come out of your shell in an acting class, which is a safe space for self-expression.
  1. Charisma: The personal magnetism we call charisma may be inborn for some, but it can be learned and enhanced through acting training as well.
  1. Fun: Life is not just about utility, and which benefits of training can be useful… life is meant to be enjoyed, and acting classes are a great shortcut to that joy.
  1. Poise: The physical awareness and confidence learned through acting translates to poise outside the theatre as well.
  1. Ease with all ages: Actors in a class with mixed ages relate as peers. This can help kids become comfortable with adults who are not teachers or parents.
  1. Community: Theatre creates a sense a community through shared purpose.
  1. Appreciation for art and culture: Life is richer and more enjoyable when you have access to the beauty of art and culture.

Acting Supports Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Empathy: By taking on another character, you learn to understand people who are not like yourself, and to feel what they feel.
  1. Vulnerability: Acting requires vulnerability, which is key to strong relationships.
  1. Access to emotions: Acting requires you to express emotions you might not feel comfortable with in real life, and can help make accessing those emotions easier over time.
  1. Creativity: Acting stretches the imagination, which is both beautiful and useful.

Acting Develops Resilience:

  1. Perseverance: No matter what happens, the show must go on! Great training for life.
  1. Problem solving: Acting class presents problem-solving practice —every character needs to achieve objectives, regardless of circumstances.
  1. Persistence: Acting is full of opportunities to persist in the face of disappointment and rejection. Actors don’t usually get the parts they want, but it doesn’t stop them from going out and trying for the next one.
  1. Physical fitness: Many aspects of theatre training involve physical fitness—an actor’s body is their instrument. From simple body awareness to training in dance, stage combat, or stunts, theatre training can keep you in shape

And in case these excellent benefits aren’t enough to convince you that you should give acting classes a try—you also LEARN HOW TO ACT!!

  1. Acting, of course! If you actually want to be a professional actor, acting classes are a great way to learn the art and craft of that profession!

Finally, remember #23: Life is not just about utility, and which benefits of training can be useful… life is meant to be enjoyed, and acting classes are a great shortcut to that joy.

Click on the link below to download and print this beautiful infographic!


36 Benefits of Acting Lessons by Bonnie J. Wallace

36 Benefits of Acting Lessons

36 Benefits of Acting Lessons Infographic ©Bonnie J. Wallace, 2018


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*And just in case all of these benefits don’t convince you, here is a link to a post by the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, that cites even more benefits, including this starting SAT fact: “Students involved in drama performance coursework… outscored non-arts students on the 2005 SAT by an average of 65 points in the verbal component and 34 points in the math component.” Wow!